Hidden Truths: The Mind Unraveled

Epilepsy Awareness Ribbon

Epilepsy Therapy Project, together with the Epilepsy Foundation, are inviting artists to participate in the Second Annual Hidden Truths, The Mind Unraveled juried art show. Selected pieces will be featured at the opening event and throughout the month of October at the Susan Nelson Gallery in Newport Beach, California. Artwork from the show will also be featured on promotional materials and merchandise, including advertisements, brochures, posters, online, and more. Opening evening of the 2013 Hidden Truths, The 

Mind Unraveled will be October 5th and October 6th 2013.

Artists who submit their work will also have the opportunity for their work, if selected, to be featured in  

Take it from here… a first of its kind coloring book showcasing the work of artists with epilepsy. The original pieces will be on display at the Susan Nelson Gallery and available for sale throughout the month of October.

Applications are available online now with a deadline of June 1, 2013, for submission of work; however, if you would like to be included in the coloring book please make sure the high resolution image(s) are received by May 1, 2013. There is NO entry fee to participate. The competition is open to all artists. Categories of work accepted are: acrylic, oil, drawing/pastel, watercolor, sculptures, digital and mixed media (For a complete list see entry form).

For more information contact Dr. Julie Thompson-Dobkin at thompkin@sbcglobal.net or phone: 949.903.3206.

The Ladies: Ventriloquist
The Ladies: Ventriloquist by Nancy Mladenoff Full Professor, UW-Madison

The Hidden Truths, The Mind 

Unraveled is presented by Hidden Truths Project in collaboration with the Epilepsy Therapy Project, as an annual fundraiser. The two-day celebration of the arts is designed to showcase the artwork of artists with epilepsy. The inaugural event included reproductions of artwork from Dr. Steven Schachter’s portfolio of artists living with epilepsy. The event was a huge success, allowing donations of over $10,000 to Epilepsy Therapy Project’s work in translational research. It was instrumental in creating an awareness of the incidence and prevalence of this hidden disability, affecting so many individuals in our society. Barriers were broken down, preconceived biases diminished, gaining a wider acceptance and support of this condition. The art show maintains the spirit of celebration in support of the amazing group of artists living with epilepsy. Art providing the educational tool, enhancing societal awareness of this condition. Art speaks a universal language to allow a dialog between the artist and the observer revealing the hidden truths about epilepsy.

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